Graphics Design

As we educate you to the principles of design, you will hone your skills with cutting-edge industry tools. You will actively participate in class projects during your graphics design study at Landmark College South Africa, which will assist you in developing a portfolio that you can display to potential employers or clients.

graphics design landmark college south africa

Short Course in Graphics Design

Students who are interested in graphic design and want to learn how to use specialised industry tools to build stunning, detailed, and interactive designs from scratch should enrol in this brief course.

We’ll walk you through the fundamentals of graphic design and introduce you to some key principles before you start conceptualising your own unique and aesthetically appealing designs.

Students at Landmark College will graduate with practical skills in CorelDraw, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Indesign, Adobe Illustrator, Corporate Identity, Brochure & Editorial Design, Vector Illustration(Formats) Principles & Techniques, Raster Image Editing & Manipulation, Layout Design Principles & Techniques, and About Copyrighting.

You will need to submit a Portfolio of Evidence or completed assignments which will be used to determine your competency. Once you have successfully completed the Portfolio of Evidence or assignments, you will receive a certificate confirming completion of the course.