Engineering Studies

Join Landmark College today for the best Engineering study experience in South Africa. Today’s courses in this field include Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Boiler Making, Fitting and Turning, Installation Rules (Paper 1&2), and Specialized Installation Codes. We look forward to receiving your application as we journey to the next phase together.

National Diploma in Engineering Studies

Engineering Studies consist of challenging activities that require original thought, sound judgement and absolute discretion. It revolves around people, management, machines, and money and offers countless career opportunities.

Landmark College is duly accredited by the Quality Council For Trades & Occupations (QCTO) to offer Engineering Studies qualifications/programmes. Our accreditation number is 06-QCTO/SDP070523130939.

A national diploma will be issued by the Department of higher education and Training following the successful completion of both the theoretical and practical components, a level 6 [360 credits] university equivalent diploma is attainable via this channel.

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