About Us

Landmark College is one of the top-performing colleges in the Rustenburg and nationally, leading through innovation and partnerships for economic growth.

Our qualifications are intended to provide both theory and practical experience in a certain vocational subject. This ensures that students have access to job prospects in a work environment or sector related to their topic of study.

More than that, Landmark College values a culture of inclusivity, openness, transparency, efficient and ethical work habits, teamwork, and cooperation in order to help our students attain their greatest potential.

Quality is a fundamental driver in all aspects of Landmark College governance, management, and operations, as we ensure that the quality of education and training services provided by our institution is decided and driven by its vision, mission, values, and quality objectives.

about us landmark college


Innovation and Creativity
In an ever-changing world, those that are original and creative will stand out, thus we constantly redefine our operations to meet the demands of the future.
We are dedicated to building an inclusive society on campus and reject any form of discrimination and make every effort to maintain an environment where everyone feels welcome.
Strategic Intent
Skilling the surrounding community and providing them with vital skills that will help them serve the South African economy. We create an enabling environment to build leaders of tomorrow, ensuring our students are able to reach their full potential.


Landmark is the leading open-enrollment institution in Rustenburg, with the objective of being the best in the country, Africa, and the globe. We think that quality in education, training, and employment may lead to personal, community, and economic growth.


We have created Two remarkable learning models to suit your requirements in our mission to consistently convey quality training, subsequently fabricating future pioneers. Our models of learning are;


Realise your full potential by taking classes at Landmark College that are instructor-led or mentorship-based and include interactive teaching, hands-on assignments, and fieldwork.

Our full-time programme is made up of learning sessions that last an entire day or specific days of the week.


Our part-time programme, which is intended for working professionals, covers the same material as our full-time option.

You will be prepared for tests in no time if you combine this with our Way Blended Learning, at-home exercises/assignments, and in-class lectures. Sessions vary depending on your level of qualification.