Management Studies

We have created a conducive learning environment to ensure you get the best from Our Management Study courses.  Landmark College courses in this field include Human Resource Management, Business Management, Management Assistant, and Marketing Management. We have all the necessary accreditations and look forward to receiving your application as we journey to the next phase together.

National Diploma in Management Studies

The purpose of this Business Management course is to address the skills shortage in general Business Management functions such as planning, leading, motivating and controlling in organizations across South African industries.

Landmark College is duly accredited by the Quality Council For Trades & Occupations (QCTO) to offer Management Studies qualifications/programmes. 

Our accreditation number for Business Management and Human Resource Management courses is; 06-QCTO/SDP070523130034.

Our accreditation number for Marketing Management and Management Assistant courses is; 06-QCTO/SDP070523130539.

A national diploma will be issued by the Department of higher education and Training following the successful completion of both the theoretical and practical components, a level 6 [360 credits] university equivalent diploma is attainable via this channel. The utilisation and optimal use of the resources in an office along with the effective management thereof has become more and more vital.

The total duration of study is a combined 18 months theory and 18 months [minimum training period of 3 years]. This qualification is QCTO accredited and Department of higher education and Training registered, a certificate is issued after each level and a diploma will be issued only after successful completion of both the theoretical and practical components.

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