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Short learning programs
Become job ready within a short timeframe, as our experienced tutors equip you with industry level skills.
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Higher Education South Africa
Take the first step towards becoming the master of your own future by exploring our programmes.
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Matric Rewrite
Stay motivated and utilize resources made available by Landmark College. Your success is our goal.
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Landmark College is centrally located in Rustenburg to provide you with a variety of high-quality vocational education and training options.

We are committed to providing you with high-quality education and training. In this respect, we emphasise excellence in terms of teaching, learning, and all connected and supporting services.

We work hard at Landmark College to create a learning atmosphere that is favourable to learning. Our amenities are not only world-class but also conveniently accessible.

Furthermore, we take pride in having a knowledgeable and devoted team that will go above and beyond to give you the services you require.



Landmark College South Africa is fully accredited to carry out engineering courses which include; Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Boiler Making, Fitting and Turning, Installation Rules, and Specilized Installation Codes.
You get the best with Landmark College South Africa management courses which include; Human Resource Management, Marketing Management, Management Assistant and Business Management.
Develop your skills and become job ready with our professional courses. We look to improve the standard of learning and workforce through this academic school.
Gain in-demand skills and build your profile with our short courses at Landmark College South Africa. These courses will surely serve as a career boost.


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