LHD Scoop

LHD Scoop is often utilised in tunnelling and underground mining projects. Our training programme at Landmark College South Africa is a special offering created to help you hone your LHD Load Handler use abilities for the mining and construction sectors. For the mine employees and the miners who train them, mining is a lucrative enterprise.

lhd scoop landmark college south africa

LHD Scoop Training in South Africa

The learner will be taught how to drive an LHD Scoop safely, including wearing personal protection equipment, according to traffic laws, and avoiding dangers.

A mid-sized (up to 60 tonnes) underground mining truck with the designation LHD loads, hauls, and dumps.

An item of mining machinery called a load haul dumper (LHD) is used to transport waste rock and minerals within a mine. Training for LHD scoops often includes both in-class education and practical training.

You will learn about emergency protocols, maintenance, LHD Scoop operation, regulations, and compliance with the rules that pertain to the operation of LHDs from our knowledgeable instructors.